1. Standard Gratings
    2. Standard Gratings

      The gratings processed by CZY-II-2400-1.25 welding machine have been applied to national key projects, e.g. Beijing Grand Theatre, Beijing Bird's Nest, Water Cubic, etc. Besides that, they have been well accepted in foreign countries including America, France, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, among others.

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    1. Steel Mesh Gratings
    2. Steel Mesh Gratings

      Due to the standardized design, the steel structure lets in air and light. It looks modern and elegant.
      Light in weight, it is easy to install.
      This product is explosion proof and anti-skid. It has good heat dissipation

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    1. Grating Panels
    2. Grating Panels

      After processed in accordance with the clients' requirements, the grating panel will be galvanized.

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    1. Steel Structures
    2. Steel Structures

      The steel structure is made up of steel grating, steel tube, steel ladder, and the like. It features light weight, durability, and low cost. This product can be designed according to different application sites.

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    Xinke is one of the members who are responsible for drafting and amending Chinese industrial standards of steel gratings. It is a leading enterprise in Chinese steel grating industry. In addition, our company is a member unit, also a pioneer of China Steel Construction Society.

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    When we get a new order, we'll firstly make a research according to the drawing and relevant technical specifications. Then, communication with the production department will be made to confirm whether we can undertake the project or not. After the confirmation, we start to take the raw materials into account.

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